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Online Enterprise with ERP System Featured

How Does work in your ERP Business?

Our service complements your ERP system and strengthen the management of your company for expanding your online customers in the digital world to win on global demand activities.

The Enterprise Business Service can work on a new company that will develop or for large companies that already have a strong ERP strategy.

Profesional Service

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    1. Apps & Features (e-commerce, e-booking, database cloud, e-sales, e-pay, e-book, e-mail)
    2. Strategy Cross Selling (selling products required by customers based on their purchasing) and Upgrading (offering customers a higher status/membership)

Education Service

All service we create will bring your staff/visitors easy to understand and how must to use the tools optimized.

Customer Service

FrenGgo have the time online support operational time during 10 hours perday. By confirmed time to straight your staff/visitor on every trouble technical for apps, tools and features website.


  • Hosting & Domain
  • Third Party System
  • Social Media
  • Marketplace
  • Apps & Software
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