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Terms & Conditions :

This offering for “Self Employer & non profit organization”
Self Employed such a artist, blogger, netizen, youtubers, photographer, painter, writer, motivator, activist (no SARA activist) etc
If you are foreigner must have KITAS.

What you can get???

*Free Hosting for 3 months or everlasting (Unmetered Bandwidth)
*Web Design (template, photo stock, fonts)
*Standart portfolio module & plugin features
*CMS blogger, wordpress and joomla (we will determine as your potential potential carrier)
*Authorized Account

*Personal Support (Training & Basic Knowledge Website System)

*Support the community & Social Media

What our policy??

*Domain And Hosting will be registered in our hosting (you can transfer or renew everytime)

*Authorized Account registering by your occupation on FrenGgo Network Authorized

*FrenGgo Network be considerated every material by your site (except your database & personal account)

*Your contents not copyright from other site, companies and intellectual property rights (If You're endorser must be consideration by the products, privacy policy understanded and has MoU signed)

*All contents reserved by FrenGgo Network (you can't remove our watermark or copyright signed)

This program also allowed on our common Privacy Policy

This "Endorser Program" for everyone want have a portfolio website in Bali area. Every enquiry what we get from your purpose will be determined by our decide.



  • Hosting & Domain
  • Third Party System
  • Social Media
  • Marketplace
  • Apps & Software
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