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FrenGgo Particular Project

Video Profile Editing start from Rp. 400K.

Video Production

a. Included High EOS Camera HD Video, Shooter Light camera, shooter digital tripod etc. Start from Rp. 3.000K.

Editing Picture with Lab Color & RGB Color System

a. Small 380x260 = Rp 2.500 /pcs.

b. Medium 800x600 & 1024x768 = Rp. 5.000 /pcs.

c. Original = 7.500 /pcs.

Retouching Photo

a. start from Rp. 150K /pcs.

Add New Article with SEO Basic

Included setup SEF URL for keywords metadata and sitemap for search engine machine. Start from Rp. 150K.

Change Website Design

Changing plugin, module and component for features set up start from Rp. 3.000K.

Installing New Features

Start from Rp. 3.000K. Book Online System & E-Commerce start from Rp. 6.000K.

Build SEO (Sign Commitment minimum for 6 Months)

The Website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Start Price Rp. 2.500K max 30 products. Still maintenance Index URL & SEF URL. Backup Keyword and metadata on Search engine with monthly rendering by google services and etc services. Evaluating content article content continued. Let the material keep on Seach Engine, we serve for fetch bot content as XML & HTML file for get index to google, bing, yahoo etc.


The Website with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) using Google Adwords, Yahoo Bing Ads Network. This Service need committing from our analytic offered. We give free premium sharer with banner ads site (Jquery/Flash) for website networking service (social network as like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other website with Google Adsense if allowed on there site.


SEO is basic requiry before you deciding using SEM for campaign your business on internet. Without SEO your business will be esurienting with the bill in there.

How many you have to do how many you have to pay”.

We will help you with right keywords right pay to get right keywords to do paying. What you have the missing words on high rank search engine result? what you have targeting? More details please contact us. Note : This Service possibilities for BY PROJECT on FrenGgo Pricing.

We make you comfort and trust with us with warranty services by us. All contents is authorized by your business. All the contents database save with us and you can save also in your database.

All the project is request by your business. We offering suggestion as your request for get much better contents for working as well on your business grow up.

Our warranty services also following on due target handling date. so you can feeling save to get the contents arrive by date as you have to need.

For more trust about our warranty services you can read on all point by our Privacy Policy explained.


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